Sunday, November 18, 2012

The FCNL Website is a Rich Source of Information Regarding U.S. Military Expenditures

I've played this tune before, but it is well worth doing again.  The Friends Committee on National Legislation maintains an impressive website that you can access at: . (Or you can navigate the site, below.)

In particular, click on  the Issues tab at the top of the home page which will take you to a link called Cut the Pentagon: Our Nation's Checkbook. (Before you click it, scan the full range of issues  that FCNL addresses. It is pretty awe inspiring.) OK, after you have opened Our Nation's Checkbook, scan down to  For the Wonks. From there, you can click on a page of Practical Options to Save Billions in the Military Budget .   At that point, you have arrived .  (I'd have taken you there right away, but I want you to see the whole scope of FCNL's work.)

By the way,  It costs the good people at FCNL a lot of money to do all the fine work that they do on our behalf.  If you can, please donate to the cause.  You can do it online at the website. (Hint: Go to the tab that says  Donate.)

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How this Election Affects FCNL's Work

Our willingness to consistently talk to members of Congress and to engage others to ask Congress to provide leadership will determine if our nation’s public policies change toward those that a majority of people in this country support.
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The Time is Right for Immigration Reform

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